Strategic planning According to the enterprise consulting company, the enterprise carries out strategic planning mainly for the following purposes:Analyze the external environment of the enterprise; Understand the internal advantages and disadvantages of the enterprise; Helping enterprises meet future challenges; Provide clear goals and direction for the future; To make every member of the enterprise understand the objectives of the enterprise; Companies with a sound strategic management system have a higher chance of success than those without. See More

The human resources Human Resources (HR) refers to the total number of people of working age, under working age and over working age in a country or region. Or expressed as: the total population of a country or region minus the population that is incapacitated. Human resource also refers to the general term of education, ability, skill, experience and physical strength which can be used by enterprises and contribute to value creation within a certain period. In a narrow sense, it refers to the ability (resources) of the personnel required by the independent management group of enterprises and institutions. See More

Information technology EHR is Electronic Human Resource is the abbreviation of (Electronic) Human Resource management, the system is based on the advanced software and high speed, large capacity of new Human Resource management model on the basis of the hardware, it through a centralized hr core database, automated information processing, employee self-service desktop, internal and external business synergy and Shared services, so as to achieve lower management costs, improve the efficiency of management, improve staff service mode, and promote the talent management of the organization's strategic position, etc. See More

Operational implementation The scope of operations management varies from organization to organization. The operations manager's work includes: product and service design, process selection, technology selection and management, work system design, site planning, facility planning, and improvement of the organization's product and service quality. See More

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